SPFx Workbench Customizer update


Some time ago, I published a blog post related to a web part that I use on the hosted workbench page while creating other web parts. I have this solution deployed on my dev tenant and simply add it to the bottom of the Workbench page to work around some things that get in the way when building the UI of SPFx web parts.


Reusable ARM template for Web Application


With a recent update to allow it to easily connect to APIs secured with Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Framework is the new King of enterprise solutions. As a SharePoint developer, this means that you will likely have to create Azure Web Apps or Functions to be consumed by your SharePoint Framework application, so why not use an ARM template for common scenarios? The following ARM template will, hopefully come handy and save you some time.

Get list of frequent sites in SharePoint

SharePoint offers an OOB web part that you can use to list the frequent sites for the current user. But what if you need the exact same information for a custom SharePoint Framework solution? WARNING Unfortunately, it seems that this is not currently possible using the SharePoint REST API or MS Graph. The API used … Continue reading Get list of frequent sites in SharePoint

Setting managed metadata fields using PnP PowerShell

A few days ago, I was trying to set some managed metadata fields in a SharePoint library using the Set-PnPListItem command - which is greatly documented. But having worked with SharePoint for quite a few years, I immediately noticed that the examples in documentation for managed metadata fields did not contain the exception case for terms with the '&' character in the label. I had to deal with this case multiple times before, so writing this blog post to hopefully save some time in the future.

SharePoint library/folder default field values

A SharePoint library (root folder) or library folder fields can be configured to use default values. For example, if you configure default values in a folder, documents added to that folder will inherit those field values by default. This functionality is great when you have a project that heavily relies on metadata being inherited through multiple levels of information.